Welcome to pyramid_persona’s documentation!

pyramid_persona let you quickly set up authentication using persona on your pyramid project. It provides a way to conveniently replace the login form and all the processing and security concerns that comes with it. It aims at giving as much as possible with as little configuration as possible, while still letting you customize if you want. If you want to see some screenshots of the demo app, take a look at this blog post.

You can find it on pypi as pyramid_persona.



These blog posts contain information that is out of the scope of this documentation, but might be useful.

Quick authentication on pyramid with persona
Shows the use of pyramid_persona with a simple step-by-step demo.
Pyramid, Persona & Group-Level Auth
What to do after the basic login with persona is set up : how to hook in complex authorization.
Securing Pyramid with Persona and MACAuth
How to combine pyramid_persona with MACAuth to provide authentication for both humans and machines.


This project is made by Georges Dubus (@georgesdubus). It is hosted on Github. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.

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